The Eagle Road Club celebrated its annual dinner and prize giving on Saturday Feb. 1, 2020, at the Royal Oak pub in High Beech, near Epping.

The dinner was well attended and club President Glenn Grant reminded the club that it is now just three years until we celebrate our centenary, having originally amalgamated in 1923.

The Club is re-working itself after lots of changes including the loss of our traditional club hut out at the village of Ugley, near Stansted, yet in other respects club members feel that a new lease of life has begun. Membership is widely spread geographically across (mostly) East London and then out to Bishop Stortford.

Easter Monday this year, April 13th, will see the re-run of the old favourite Easter Randonnee and prospective members are welcome to join in – joining details still to be finalised but keep an eye on our Events/Racing Calendar listing.