Eagle Road Cycling Club Members List 2018

Elizabeth Chittenden
Howard J Grace
Chris L Baldwin
Richard Lofthouse
Tom Dean
Glenn Grant
Mark Norton
Peter J Beresford
Paul Long
Sean Bolton
Helen Lansdown
Simon L Hewins
Antonio Paolino
John Beaufoy
Sean O’Sullivan
Tony Meader
David J Youell
Nikki Grant
Mark S Ambrose
Les T Ames
Peter Appleby
Elinor Baldwin
Les Barnett
Eric Bass
Rita Beresford
Otto Henry Bolton
Julian B Boulter
Patrick Brown
Peter J Brown
Steve Bryan
Alister Campbell
Dave Clarke
John A Cook
Bryan Crump
Arnold Davey
Robert Doman
Denise Eastwood
Ian Eastwood
Andrew Eckton
Paul Evans
David G Farrow
Damien Foy
Vickie Grace
Michael A Griffiths
Eddy J Hadlow
Roger Hargreaves
Phil Hersey
Neil Hornett
Phil Jolly
Ivy Lumsden
Janice MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
Graham C Masters
Suzanne Masters
Keith L Peskett
Carlito Rendora
James Sale
Sarah Sale
Phil Sheehan
John Skinner
Peter W Smith
Vic Smith
Leanne Tanner
Laura Towner
Dave Trethewey
Mike Turvey
Martin P Waller
Ernie W Wheeler
Chas G Wilde

If you would like to join Eagle Road Cycling Club, please download and complete the following Application form: Eagle Road Cycling Club Membership Form and e-mail it to General Secretary, Graham Masters at [email protected]